Dental Reception

Dental Receptionists – Superheroes Of The Dental World

My colleague Deborah is on annual leave. Not groundbreaking news for you reading this I know, however this fact fills me with both excitement and dread. As for the next week or so I'm managing the reception of 38 Devonshire Street Dental Practice. Now on the eve of this daunting week ahead I realise just how pivotal the receptionist is in a dental practice and how having the right person in this role is just as important.

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You've Got Mail

Guest Blog Post by Tracy Stuart – You’ve Got Mail

Many of us are doing more and more on-line marketing and as a result this is generating many more email enquiries, yet on average many practices have a far lower conversion rate on email enquiries in comparison to telephone calls. Many do not even track email enquiries.

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Dr Gaynor Barrett

One Minute With Gaynor Barrett

In the January issue of PPD Magazine Dr Gaynor Barrett, principle dentist of 38 Devonshire Street and director of Seminars@thirtyeight, was featured in the 'One Minute With...' article. Just in case you missed it you can read the full article online here.

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